Support for Mission-Driven Organizations & Initiatives

We empower you to 'see the forest through the trees' in several languages.


Communicating your message and deciphering trends and technological developments can be particularly challenging for mission-driven organizations. We demystify such challenges empowering you to agilely react to change.

We support...

… those ambitious, mission-driven organizations and initiatives engaged in the enhancement of education, public services, the non-profit sector, sustainable development, & civil society.

We believe in:

Getting the Job Done. Often initiatives and projects, even those essential for successful fulfillment of our endeavors and our very purpose, linger in limbo. We identify and create solutions for overcoming roadblocks. Our expert recommendations are enacted to ensure smooth, on-budget, and efficient operations while reinforcing and staying focused on your vision. We will help you reinvigorate and solidify your ideas and make your organization more sustainable over the long-term. We are here to engineer processes which will deliver your goal state.

Fostering Creativity. Sometimes, senior managers are unable to dig deeper into internal process issues and middle managers have difficulty communicating the necessity of detailed process work to senior leaders. As a domino effect, this often has the result that even the most outstanding, motivated, and contributing employees find themselves underappreciated and alienated from the organizational purpose, goals, and core business. Such conditions often hamper employees’ trust, creativity, self-confidence, and—above all—productivity which can lead to a morass of inaction and frustration at many levels of an organization. These specific internal problems can drag even the stable and  successful organizations down into deep stagnation. Dealing with similar problems in various organizational settings and in different positions, we’ve learned that these challenges require solutions far beyond emergency staff salary and benefit increases or team-building workshops and exercises. Our independent expert consultants have already proven, in a number of cases, that turnover can be reduced and reverted, productivity and efficiency increased, and organizational spirit and focus reinforced by harnessing the creative power and involvement of all employees through the consistent and transparent implementation of our custom-tailored guidelines for senior management.

Being Excellent. Being average is not enough for carrying out truly great ideas, ideals, and endeavors. You and your colleagues sometimes need to rethink, reconsider, and refashion your organization and your core business in ways that consistently amaze your stakeholders while keeping you inspired and committed to your mission. Especially in the educational, public, and non-profit sectors. How can you become or remain a truly cutting-edge and successful organization? Our internationally-experienced and accomplished, interdisciplinary, erudite, driven (yet friendly), and earnest consultants will create a road map for you to follow on this journey, revisiting implementations to help you avoid falling into the trap of business as usual.

Our Services:

  • Expert-level consulting & analysis (plans of action for long-term aims; fundraising approaches and tactics)
  • Research summaries on trends & issues
  • Content creation, translation, and editorial guidance (English, Croatian, Czech, German)
  • Custom tech solutions & SEO

Portfolio Highlights

Excellence: Export Preparations

PERNA, Small Family Farm (Komiža, Croatia)

Translation of a bio-product label (Croatian to English and German) for export.

Creative Solutions: Next Level Communications

Geopark Vis Archipelago

Making materials vibrant and understandable (signs, surveys in English and German) for the international UNESCO Geopark visitors.

Getting the Job Done: Launching Modern Services

National Library of Technology in Prague

Envisioning and launching bilingual services for all patrons (Czech and English), online and in-person for everyone from secondary schools to researchers. Streamlining internal processes and developing staff development training and review processes.

From A-Z: Operations to Fundraising

Swiss Institute Contemporary Art | New York City

From payroll to annual fundraiser implementation to modernizing infrastructure, including credit card payments via smartphone.

Creative Custom Tech: Globalization and Labor Standards (GALS) Database

UCLA Law (formerly at Cornell Law)

Web database of abstracts of law review articles on international labor standard together with an email newsletter.