We make house calls (in-person and virtual) to assist you with most of your research communications needs.


Research Communications Clinic

Our external vantage point allows us, in partnership, to rise above internal politics and organizational issues. With literally decades of experience working with researchers around the globe, we provide you with a unique perspective about the complex landscape researchers must navigate today.

We offer you assistance and guidance in:

  • Building and managing your research group
  • Defining and developing your research showcase 
  • Traversing your academic career
  • Projecting a professional presence in various settings, for different kinds of audiences
  • Demystifying and mastering scholarly publishing and ranking mechanisms
  • Navigating the process of working with editorial teams (articles, conference papers, abstracts, and other outputs) 

Support for Mission-Driven Organizations & Initiatives

We support mission-driven organizations and initiatives engaged in the enhancement of education, public services, the non-profit sector, sustainable development, & civil society.

Our services:

  • Expert-level consulting & analysis (plans of action for long-term aims; fundraising approaches and tactics)
  • Research summaries on trends & issues
  • Content creation, translation, and editorial guidance (English, Croatian, Czech, German)
  • Custom tech solutions & SEO