Fornobia [from LATIN pro nobis]:

for us

Fornobia functions as a collaborative network; our consultants activate this network of seasoned experts in different disciplines as needed for various projects.

Independent consultants Stephanie Krueger and Sasha Skenderija coordinate and guarantee the quality of networked efforts. With decades of professional experience spanning the globe and a broad range of services, project sizes and types (particularly in educational technology and academic change management), we ensure seamless, timely delivery of your project.

Collaborators, with various backgrounds, work on both sides of the Atlantic. We’re not only fluent in English, but also in German, Czech, and Croatian (BCS).

We offer customized, expert-level consulting, research, and editorial services in these two areas:

1) Research Communications in English

Scholarly articles and conference papers play just one part of today’s complex research ecosystem. From grooming early career researchers to improving organizational systems, we provide you with a neutral, external perspective to help you achieve your goals and be globally competitive in several languages.

2) Mission-driven organizations & initiatives engaged in the enhancement of education, public services, the non-profit sector, sustainable development, & civil society

Communicating your message and deciphering trends and technological developments can be particularly challenging for mission-driven organizations. We demystify such challenges, helping you to see “the forest through the trees”—empowering you to agilely react to change.