Research Communications Clinic

We provide tailored, thoughtful, practical answers to problems that not everyone has the time or will to solve.


Scholarly articles and conference papers play just one part of today’s complex research ecosystem. From grooming early career researchers to improving organizational systems, we provide you with a neutral, external perspective to help you achieve your goals. Our external vantage point allows us, in partnership, to rise above internal politics and organizational issues. With literally decades of experience working with researchers around the globe, we provide you with a unique perspective about the complex landscape researchers must navigate today.


Our Services

We offer you assistance and guidance in:
  • Building and managing your research group
  • Navigating the process of working with editorial teams (articles, conference papers, abstracts, and other outputs)
  • Traversing your academic career
  • Projecting a professional presence in various settings, for different kinds of audiences
  • Demystifying and mastering scholarly publishing and ranking mechanisms
  • Defining and developing your research showcase 

Portfolio Highlights

Research Group: Building & Managing, Showcasing

Czech Technical University in Prague: Open Mechanics Group

Email correspondence with candidates, doctoral/postdoctoral application organization, scheduling, advisory.

International Event: Editorial

IChO 2018 (50th International Chemistry Olympiad) CATALYZER magazine team

Special print daily for young Olympians and their coaches.

Customized Doctoral, Postdoctoral, & Researcher Support​

Czech Technical University in Prague; University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague; Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB)

Instruction, curriculum development, course support (Moodle), individual consultations (presenting, writing/editorial, career development). See SELECTED ENGLISH EDITORIAL PROJECTS.

International Event: 100%

16th IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) ILDS conference, Prague 2019

Program development and implementation, website, backend management (including payments, organization of grant applications).

Custom Tech for Researchers: Globalization and Labor Standards (GALS) Database

Cornell to UCLA Law

Web database of abstracts of law review articles on international labor standard together with an email newsletter.